Research Supporting Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning Programs

As equine assisted therapy and learning programs become more widely available all around the world, there are more opportunities for researchers to measure program effectiveness.

Click on the titles of the research papers listed below to download a copy.

A Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Group Equine Assisted Counseling With At-Risk Children and Adolescents – Kay Sudekum Trotter, Cynthia K. Chandler, Deborah Goodwin-Bond, Janie Casey

The Effectiveness of Equine-Assisted Experiential Therapy: Results of an Open Clinical Trial – Bradley T. Klontz, Alex Bivens, Deb Leinart, Ted Klontz

Randomized Trial Examines Effects of Equine Facilitated Learning on Adolescents’ Basal Cortisol Levels – Patricia Pendry, Annelise N. Smith, and Stephanie M. Roeter

From kids and horses: Equine facilitated psychotherapy for children – Eugenio Quiroz Rothe, Beatriz Jiménez Vega, Rafael Mazo Torres, Silvia María Campos Soler, and Rosa María Molina Pazos

New Age or Old Sage? A Review of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – Karen Frewin and Brent Gardiner