October 2018

Our First Rescue Needs A Name


Our first rescue horse. Look at this gorgeous little man! What a cutie. He hasn't had the best start to life but things are looking up now that he's been brought into care. He needs a lot of support, but, most importantly, he also needs a name!  We're taking suggestion son our Facebook page so hop [...]

Our First Rescue Needs A Name2018-10-12T16:54:04+10:00

Who’s Rescuing Who?


We're heading into an incredibly exciting year in 2019! We're finally starting our horse and pony rescue program that will enable at-risk children to help to rehabilitate our rescue herd. Horses and ponies are highly resilient. Their stoicism in the face of trauma and their growing willingness to trust again and accept help make them incredibly [...]

Who’s Rescuing Who?2018-10-12T16:46:43+10:00
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