October 2020

Make a General Donation


Making a general donation allows us to allocate your donation on the area of greatest need at the time. It may be to purchase feed or first aid supplies, pay the vet or the farrier, buy program equipment or provide a scholarship to a child in need.  There are so many costs to juggle every month [...]

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Term 1 Sponsorships


Many of our clients are living in out-of-home accommodation - often in a domestic violence refuge or in foster care. They need urgent support but do not have the financial capacity to pay for it. We offer scholarships to enable these children to attend programs free of charge but we need your help to enable us [...]

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2020 Emergency Hay Appeal


So far in 2020 we have been badly impacted by disaster after disaster - first the drought that saw hay prices more than double over just a few months - then the catastrophic bush fires that saw many local hay farmers lose their entire crop and any hay storage they might have had - and now [...]

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Cappy’s Colic Vet Bill


Our beautiful Cappy has has a tough few months with three separate bouts of colic - two of which required hospitalisation.  She has ongoing digestion issues as a result of the long-term starvation she endured before being rescued. The bill for her veterinary treatment is a big one - just over $4,000 in total. Any help [...]

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