April 2021

Indiana’s Eye Treatment


Our lovely Indy sustained an eye injury overnight just after Easter and needed to have some of her cornea removed on April 8th. She is not out-of-the-woods yet and needs multiple eye drops and ointments every 3 hours. Our volunteer team has been amazing in getting a schedule together to make this happen. She also injured [...]

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January 2021

2021 Hay & Feed Appeal


Hay and feed are our biggest expenses at the sanctuary. In 2020 we spent $13,773.36 on feed for the horses. With the ongoing drought in so many hay-growing areas, we don't expect the cost of hay to come down this year - and the cost of other feeds always increases a little every year. Based on [...]

2021 Hay & Feed Appeal2021-02-24T17:12:16+10:00

October 2020

Make a General Donation


Making a general donation allows us to allocate your donation on the area of greatest need at the time. It may be to purchase supplements, first aid supplies, program equipment, provide a scholarship to a child in need, or pay the vet or farrier. There are so many costs to juggle every month and your contribution [...]

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Sponsor A Child in Crisis


Many children are living in out-of-home accommodation - often in a domestic violence refuge or in foster care. They need urgent support but do not have the financial capacity to pay for it. In 2021 we aim to offer 24 children a free program place but we need your help. Each sessions costs us $40 to [...]

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2020 Emergency Hay Appeal


So far in 2020 we have been badly impacted by disaster after disaster - first the drought that saw hay prices more than double over just a few months - then the catastrophic bush fires that saw many local hay farmers lose their entire crop and any hay storage they might have had - and now [...]

2020 Emergency Hay Appeal2020-10-03T18:07:49+10:00
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