Help us get through the drought with enough hay for the herd.
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So far in 2020 we have been badly impacted by disaster after disaster – first the drought that saw hay prices more than double over just a few months – then the catastrophic bush fires that saw many local hay farmers lose their entire crop and any hay storage they might have had – and now the COVID-19 crisis that has brought with it not just a medical emergency but a financial one for many of our usual donors.

These compounding disasters have left us with escalating costs and massively reduced income from donations.

Hay prices will not reduce in the foreseeable future as most of the grasses that are turned into hay for horses do not grow in the cooler months. Hay shortages create a supply and demand issue that causes prices to increase. Some of our wonderful suppliers drive all the way to Victoria to pick up hay from farmers less affected – but that adds fuel, time and vehicle maintenance costs to the already high price.

We need your help to raise enough funds to ensure that we can feed our herd throughout 2020.

We are not like any other horse rescue – we do not ever sell or adopt the horses and ponies that we rescue. We cannot and do not offload them when things get tough. They have been horrendously let down by the humans in their lives once already and that’s one too many times. Every horse that comes to the sanctuary has a home for life.

Please support our wonderful herd so that they can continue to support the equally wonderful children that join our programs – children who have also suffered from trauma, abuse or neglect and are now learning how to heal themselves and they help us to heal the horses in our herd.

Together we can feed the herd so that they can nourish the children.

All donations received through the appeal will be used to provide direct assistance to the horses and ponies in our herd.