How do I create a fundraising page?2020-10-05T11:05:22+10:00

Firstly – thank you! It’s a quick and easy process. The first step is to choose which appeal/campaign you’d like to support. You’ll find all the current campaigns on the Donate page.

Click on the campaign of your choice. When the campaign page opens, click on the grey Fundraise button. You’ll be prompted to register your details as the first step. Once you’ve registered, simply go back and click the Fundraise button again and you’re away!

Once you’ve created your campaign it will be come to us for approval and we’ll do that within a day or so. Then you simply share your fundraising page with your contacts.

Who are your programs for?2020-08-16T17:47:09+10:00

Primarily, our programs are designed for anyone impacted by trauma, abuse or neglect. Trauma can result from a wide range of experiences including: bullying, loss or grief, being in out-of-home care, domestic violence, being involved in a serious accident, having a life-altering illness or condition, enduring physical or psychological abuse etc.

The key criteria is that clients have lost their self-worth and they need help to regain their self-worth, self-confidence and purpose so that they can see a pathway to a positive future.

Whilst Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning programs can be incredibly helpful for a wide range of people with a wide range of life challenges, our Mentors are specifically trained to support those impacted by trauma, abuse or neglect.

Our Mentors are not trained to support clients with high needs due to physical or intellectual disabilities – not are they trained to support clients that are not able to self-regulate their behaviour or emotions.

Do you offer group programs?2020-08-16T17:33:16+10:00

No. Most of the clients we support have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect. Most struggle with issues relating to self-worth and would not feel comfortable in a group setting. Our program trials showed clearly that 1:1 Mentoring is far more successful for vulnerable clients than group programs.

Once clients feel confident enough to start to develop their social skills in groups, we do offer them the opportunity of working with the horses alongside other clients with similar experiences.

Do you have any program vacancies at the moment?2020-08-16T17:23:57+10:00

Any program vacancies we have will be listed on the Program page. Please check that page. We also announce program places on our Facebook page so please Like that page to keep up to date.

Do you accept Junior Volunteers?2020-08-16T17:18:44+10:00

Not at the moment.

We do have lots of Junior Volunteers in our team already and, for safety reasons, we need to maintain a ratio of two fully trained adults per Junior Volunteer on every shift.

We may be able to make an exception IF a prospective Junior Volunteer is 15yo or older AND is confident and experienced around horses AND has a parent (who is also confident around horses) willing to volunteer at the same time.

Is there an upper age limit for Volunteers?2020-08-16T17:00:59+10:00

No. We can usually find something for everyone to do and we have several volunteers in our team in their 70’s and two in their 80’s who help with our Mega Sale days.

However, if you would like to work with or around the horses, you need to have an appropriate level of fitness and mobility so that you can keep yourself safe. Horses can be unpredictable, no matter how quiet their temperament is and you need to be able to be nimble enough to move out of the way quickly if needed.

I have a horse that I’d like to donate to you – do you accept donations of horses?2020-08-16T16:54:10+10:00

Occasionally, but usually only if they have a history of trauma, abuse or neglect.

At the moment we already have nine horses living on a three acre facility and have to feed hay all year round to keep them healthy and give them access to grass each day. We simply cannot fit in any more.

We are always looking for a new, bigger home – 25+ acres would be terrific. If you know of anyone that might be interested in donating land to us please let us know. Once we have a larger space we will definitely be increasing our herd.

I have a horse/pony that I think would make a great therapy horse – do you buy horses?2020-08-16T16:47:46+10:00

No we don’t. All our horses are rescues and come to us either from the RSPCA, via local vets or from the Gympie Sales if we see a horse there that we think needs our help. Occasionally we accept a donated horse but only if they have a history of trauma, abuse or neglect.

I am a Support Worker and my client loves horses. Can I bring them to the Sanctuary?2020-08-16T16:43:18+10:00

It depends.

If your client is able to self-regulate and you are wanting to make a one-off visit we may be able to arrange something depending on the day and time you’d like to visit. Many of the horses and ponies in our herd have been subjected to high levels of abuse and can be very noise-sensitive and movement-sensitive. This is why we need all visitors to the Sanctuary to be able to self-regulate. We would also need to find a volunteer that had time to show you around and keep you safe. This is not always possible.

Regular visits as part of the activities that you do with your client are not possible.

If you have a client that can self-regulate and you believe that they would benefit from being at the Sanctuary on a regular basis, please have them or their guardian call our Program Development Manager, Sue Williams, on 0423 206 463 to talk about programs that may suit them.

Can I visit the Sanctuary?2020-08-16T16:28:28+10:00

Visits are by appointment only. This is to respect the privacy of any clients on site. We prefer to arrange visits at times where clients are not on site for that reason. Many of the clients we support are vulnerable, having experienced trauma, neglect or abuse – having strangers wandering unexpectedly into the middle of their program session is not appropriate.

If you’d like to visit because you are thinking about volunteering with us, please complete an online application form first. Once we have your application, the first step in our Volunteer onboarding process is for our Volunteer Development Manager to contact you to arrange for you to visit the Sanctuary. You can find the online form on the Volunteer page.

If you’d like to visit to find out more about our programs, please call our Program Development Manager, Sue Williams, on 0423 206 463.

Do you have Open Days?2020-08-16T16:14:03+10:00

Not at the moment. We do plan on starting regular Open Days as soon as we can. Please subscribe to our newsletter and Like our Facebook Page to keep informed.

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