August 2020

Who are your programs for?


Primarily, our programs are designed for anyone impacted by trauma, abuse or neglect. Trauma can result from a wide range of experiences including: bullying, loss or grief, being in out-of-home care, domestic violence, being involved in a serious accident, having a life-altering illness or condition, enduring physical or psychological abuse etc. The key criteria is that [...]

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Do you offer group programs?


No. Most of the clients we support have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect. Most struggle with issues relating to self-worth and would not feel comfortable in a group setting. Our program trials showed clearly that 1:1 Mentoring is far more successful for vulnerable clients than group programs. Once clients feel confident enough to start to develop [...]

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Do you have any program vacancies at the moment?


Any program vacancies we have will be listed on the Program page. Please check that page. We also announce program places on our Facebook page so please Like that page to keep up to date.

Do you have any program vacancies at the moment?2020-08-16T17:23:57+10:00
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