January 2021

August 2020

Do you accept Junior Volunteers?


Not at the moment. We do have lots of Junior Volunteers in our team already and, for safety reasons, we need to maintain a ratio of two fully trained adults per Junior Volunteer on every shift. We may be able to make an exception IF a prospective Junior Volunteer is 15yo or older AND is confident [...]

Do you accept Junior Volunteers?2020-08-16T17:18:44+10:00

Is there an upper age limit for Volunteers?


No. We can usually find something for everyone to do and we have several volunteers in our team in their 70's and two in their 80's who help with our Mega Sale days. However, if you would like to work with or around the horses, you need to have an appropriate level of fitness and mobility [...]

Is there an upper age limit for Volunteers?2020-08-16T17:00:59+10:00
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