How Funds Are  Spent

Allowing both horses and children to make connections on an emotional and physical level with each other not only helps the children to develop key life skills but also significantly enriches the lives of the horses. Enabling those connections to happen in a safe way, in a secure environment, facilitated by caring and appropriately trained Mentors comes at a cost – but one that is absolutely worth it.

Our major costs are:

Program  Costs

The cost of delivering programs is (by far) our greatest cost and includes expenditure on:

  • equipment, saddlery and tack
  • consumables and materials
  • wages for our program director, program development manager and senior mentors. All paid staff are paid award wages only and volunteer at least 50% of their hours.

Horse Care

The cost of the rescue, rehabilitation and ongoing care of our horses and ponies is our next largest cost.

When an animal comes to the sanctuary, they are here for life. All horses are expensive to keep. Neglected and abused horses are even more expensive because of their high health care needs. Our Hose Care Plans ensure the horses and ponies in our care benefit from an environment rich in variety.

We do not ever re-home an animal as there is simply no way to guarantee the level of love and care that they will receive at their new home. We would never risk any of our horses being neglected or abused ever again in their lives. Once is one too many times.

Volunteer Costs

Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the sanctuary. We simply couldn’t do what we do without them. Having such a large team of volunteers is vital for the smooth running of the sanctuary. Costs in this area include:

  • training (including first aid and CPR)
  • shirts and PPE
  • refreshments
  • sunscreen and hygiene products
  • voluntary workers insurance policy

Facility Maintenance

Although this is a large expense, our facility maintenance costs are largely offset by facility maintenance grants from the Sunshine Coast Council.


In order to continue the future success of the sanctuary, there is a need to continue investing in new fundraising activities. Whilst most of our fundraising activities don’t have any costs at all, some do require some up-front expenditure.

By closely monitoring our fundraising campaigns, we can direct our resources into our most successful fundraising activities – ensuring that all fundraising activities make a healthy profit.


We are blessed to have very low administration costs. All our admin staff are volunteers and almost all our office supplies are donated. What remains are unavoidable expenses that include:

  • public liability insurance
  • telephone and internet costs
  • annual audit fees

We undergo an external independent financial audit every year.