Simply put, our vision is that all those impacted by trauma, neglect or abuse can receive the assistance they need to live the best life they can.

Often, the circumstances that created their trauma, also results in mental health challenges and financial disadvantage – making it all but impossible to access therapeutic programs.

Our goal is a sanctuary where people and animals of all kinds that have experienced trauma can come together to heal, grow and flourish. A centre that can deliver a wide variety of therapeutic intervention programs all aimed to support children, youth and families out of the cycle of continued disadvantage and onto a pathway to a promising future.

Our current location has been a wonderful starting point – but with just three acres of land, we are extremely limited to the number of animals we can rescue and rehabilitate, the number of programs we can operate and ultimately, the number of people we can help.

Dream Property Requirements

  • 20+ acres of pasture suitable for horses (more than 50 aces would be amazing)

  • a natural water source

  • plenty of flat land

Future Programs

  • yoga

  • meditation

  • trust technique

  • community garden

  • pathways to employment

  • more equine therapy programs

The overall vision for the sanctuary of the future is that it becomes a community-supported, community-enabled centre for child, youth and family development and support – a welcoming, restorative place where people of all ages are able to feel loved, accepted, heard and valued.

If you own a property that would be perfect for the future sanctuary and you’d like to leave an incredible legacy supporting lives in to the future, please get in touch.