Research Supporting Equine Assisted Therapy & Learning Programs

Click on the titles of the research papers listed below to download a copy.

A Comparative Study of the Efficacy of Group Equine Assisted Counseling With At-Risk Children and Adolescents – Kay Sudekum Trotter, Cynthia K. Chandler, Deborah Goodwin-Bond, Janie Casey

The Effectiveness of Equine-Assisted Experiential Therapy: Results of an Open Clinical Trial – Bradley T. Klontz, Alex Bivens, Deb Leinart, Ted Klontz

Randomized Trial Examines Effects of Equine Facilitated Learning on Adolescents’ Basal Cortisol Levels – Patricia Pendry, Annelise N. Smith, and Stephanie M. Roeter

From kids and horses: Equine facilitated psychotherapy for children – Eugenio Quiroz Rothe, Beatriz Jiménez Vega, Rafael Mazo Torres, Silvia María Campos Soler, and Rosa María Molina Pazos

New Age or Old Sage? A Review of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – Karen Frewin and Brent Gardiner