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Hoofbeats is an initiative of I Give A Buck Foundation of Australia Ltd (IGAB) – a children’s charity fully endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. All donations of $2 or more made to the Hoofbeats Program are tax deductible.

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Cappy is a genuinely lovely 15 year old Thoroughbred and the newest addition to our herd. “Cappy” is short for Capital Return – she was bred for racing and this was her racing name.

She is the most stunning colour and so very gentle, she’s been affectionately called our Gentle Giant and is a favourite with everyone.

Cappy has a long road to recovery ahead of her. After being neglected and starved before being rescued, Cappy’s body entered what is called a starvation state and used her muscle mass as fuel when all her body fat was depleted. It can take many, many months for a horse her size to rebuild its muscle mass and regain muscle strength.

Once that occurs we are hopeful that some of her lameness issues will also resolve as it’s thought they relate to her lost muscle tone more that anything else.

Her feet were appalling but are slowly being rehabilitated and she is getting more and more active and joyful as the months roll by.

She deserves a stable and loving environment with lots of care and attention and we need your help to ensure that can happen.