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Hoofbeats is an initiative of I Give A Buck Foundation of Australia Ltd (IGAB) – a children’s charity fully endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. All donations of $2 or more made to the Hoofbeats Program are tax deductible.

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Kazu is a very sweet 4 year old Arabian who we adopted in November 2018 as our very first rescue. His name means ‘the first’ in Japanese and it really suits him.

Kazu came to us as a colt but was gelded almost straight away and is settling well into the calmer life of a gelding.

Although a lovely strawberry roan colour at the moment, he will fade to white like his parents over time.

Kazu had been just left in a paddock with very little feed for his entire life and has had little handling and so his rehabilitation journey will be a long and slow one.  He loves to be around people and to have great snooze sessions together. He’s a lovely gentle boy and we are thrilled that we have been able to add him to the herd.

Kazu deserves a stable and loving environment with lots of care and attention and we need your help to ensure that can happen.