We’re always in need of committed and reliable volunteers – they are the lifeblood of the Sanctuary, which simply couldn’t operate without them.

Between caring for our horses and ponies, Mentoring clients and managing the day-to-day operations of the Sanctuary, there are so many ways to help there’s sure to be something just perfect for you.

We have an online application form. Once you’ve completed your form we will arrange a time for you to visit the Sanctuary to have a look around, meet with some of the team (and the horses) before deciding if this is the right place for you. From there you can choose to either progress your application and attend an Induction Meeting, or choose not to progress your application.


Please note: we invest a significant amount of time, effort and resources into training our volunteers. As such we require volunteers to commit to volunteering with us for at least 4 hours each week and for at least a 6 month period. Please carefully consider your travel time to and from the sanctuary. If you will need to travel more than 20 minutes, please seriously consider if you are able to make that commitment on an ongoing basis.

All Volunteers must be 18yo or over. We no longer offer Junior Volunteer opportunities.

We ask that each Volunteer be a current member of the sanctuary. The cost of an annual membership is $50 per person per year. Membership fees assist us to cover the cost of our Volunteer Insurance cover. Membership is free for:

  • Seniors
  • Volunteers that have been volunteering with us for 10 years or longer

All volunteers must hold a current Blue Card issued by the Queensland Government.

If you already have a Blue Card that’s terrific, if you don’t, the application form is easy to complete and we can do that together when we meet.

Current Vacancies

Details on current volunteering vacancies are listed below. If there is something here that you think might suit you, the next step is to complete an online application form.

Adult (18yo+) Applicants – click here to apply

Human Resources Manager

As our HR Manager, you will manage all elements of managing our growing volunteer team including attracting, recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers in a number of teams.

This is a key role in our Management Team.

Commitment required: 2-3 half days per week. Some work can be completed at home. This role is ideal for someone with a 15-hour per week Centrelink obligation.

Horse Care Team

Our biggest team!  At the moment, prior experience with horses is required and recent experience with horses is highly regarded – especially if you are familiar with positive reinforcement practices, liberty work, the recent work of Warwick Schiller or James French’s Trust Technique.

Pre-requisites include:

  • confidence around horses. We have everything from 7hh ponies to 17hh Thoroughbreds and you need to be comfortable in handling all aspects of their care.
  • good health and fitness. This is not the role for you if you have any musculoskeletal issues that will either prevent you from lifting relatively heavy weights safely (think heavy buckets of feed, large horse hind legs, wheelbarrows full of manure etc.) or which may be exacerbated by those activities. You need to be nimble enough to hop out of the way if a horse moves suddenly.

The morning shift (8 – 10am) tasks may include:

  • feeding the horses
  • applying sunscreen
  • applying insect repellent
  • checking/cleaning water troughs
  • checking for signs of illness or injury
  • moving horses to their day paddocks
  • putting fly-masks on
  • giving medication
  • taking off night rugs and putting on day rugs (not all horses are rugged)
  • assisting with farrier and vet visits
  • manure pick-up

Afternoon shift (4:30 – 6:00pm) tasks include:

  • checking/cleaning water troughs
  • checking for signs of illness or injury
  • taking off day rugs and putting on night rugs (not all horses are rugged)
  • moving horses to their night paddocks
  • giving medication when required
  • manure pick-up
  • feeding horses
  • mixing up feeds for the morning shift

Each shift takes between 1.5-2 hours. All Horse Care Team Members work their way through a training period and must volunteer for a minimum of 2 weekday shifts or one weekend shift per week.

Commitment required: 4 hours each week – no maximum.

Sponsorships Manager

The Sponsorships Manager is responsible for finding a sponsor for each of the horses in our herd.  They are also responsible for keeping in regular contact with sponsors including:

  • inviting them to Open Days and events
  • sending them regular updates on their horse’s welfare
  • scheduling and organising a day where each sponsor can come and visit their horse, take photos for their own social media campaigns etc.

Commitment required: 1-2 hours each week at the most – working from the Sanctuary or from home – whichever suits you best.

Admin Support

We have an ongoing need for admin support in a multitude of areas. Activities are many and varied and include:

  • data entry
  • keeping our printed document stocks up to date
  • doing reference checks on new vounteers
  • scanning, filing, printing, laminating
  • petty cash counting and banking
  • typing up meeting notes
  • maintaining our Blue Card Register
  • helping process volunteer applications

Commitment required: Minimum 6 hours each week at the sanctuary. Ideally 2-3 half days. (This role would be perfect for anyone looking for 15 hours a week to meet Centrelink obligations).

Fundraising Team

We have an ongoing need for helpers on our fund-raising team.  Activities are many and varied and you can help with one or all depending on your skills and preferences. Activities include: attending sausage sizzles, managing collection boxes, finding Containers For Change locations and opportunities, Merchandise Sales (online, at markets and at our quarterly Mega Sale events at the Sanctuary), helping with our annual Equine Wellness Expo.

Commitment required: Minimum 2 hours each week would be terrific to meet with the team and plan events. On the days of the events, a full day commitment may be required. Events are usually held on a weekend and not more than  once per month.


Most of the children and young people that we support are living with the impact of trauma, abuse or neglect. They need to be around compassionate, caring and reliable people. A Mentor’s main role is to work with a child and a horse or pony to help that child develop a sense of self worth resulting from a caring connection between the three of you. Our Mentor’s are responsible for keeping the child safe while helping them to see the parallels between what they are learning with their horse and how to better navigate the challenges in their lives.  Mentors are provided with training, guidance and support.

Please note: It is preferable that Mentors spend some time on the Horse Care Team to get to know each of our horses and ponies and to develop an understanding of the methods we use when working with the herd.

Commitment required: A weekly commitment is generally needed. Each mentoring session is approximately two hours long and you will need to arrive at least 15 minutes early to prepare.

Maintenance Team

Our Maintenance Team keep on top of any maintenance work which could include, painting, fencing, making pathways, minor construction jobs, hanging gates, building compost bays etc., using a quad bike and manure vacuum to pick up and transport manure, bagging up manure for us to sell, clearing paddocks of fallen branches and debris, mulching, mowing etc.

Commitment required: 3-4 hours each week.

Gardening Team

The Gardening Team keeps on top of the weeding tasks as well as creating some colour in the garden beds and basically just making the whole space feel more welcoming, relaxing and maybe even productive (it would be terrific to get the children involved in growing beneficial herbs for the horses etc.). We need keen gardeners who are able to give a couple of hours each week.

Commitment required: A minimum of 2 hours (no maximum hours – come as often as you like!) each week at a time to suit you.

Lending A Hand

This is perfect if you have variable availability (and therefore can’t commit to regular shifts) but still have time to commit each week to popping in and lending a hand with whatever needs doing at the time. It might be gardening, cleaning, tidying up the tack room / feed room, helping with a bit of admin, doing a stock-take of shop inventory etc. There’s always something to be done.

Commitment required: no set commitment – just helping out when you can :-) .

General Volunteer Team

Members of the General Volunteer Team are so important to what we do. They may not have the time to commit to a regular volunteering day but make themselves available to help out when they can with fundraising events, working bees and other things that might come up from time to time.

Commitment required: no set commitment – just helping out when you can :-) .